Past Presidents

We appreciate the service of all of the past presidents of the Alumni Association - International. This is a very important and influential volunteer position that is only open to graduates of the University System of Maryland schools. The persons chosen to fill this position are performing an honorable service. All of the past presidents are listed here.

file022930Candance Hall                                 TU                              present
Cheryl Bailey Solomon                  CSU                            2014 - 2016
Janice Batzold                    UMB      2012 - 2014
Faith Horlick                      UMBC    2010 - 2012
McKinley Hayward           BSU        2008 - 2010
Joseph V. Bowen Jr.         UMUC    2006 - 2008
Estelle Martin                    FSU         2003 - 2006
Lori Smith Watson            UMBC    2002 - 2003
Virginia Norton                  UMCP    2000 - 2002
Patrick Donahue                SU           1998 - 2000
W. Cecil Short                    UMES     1997 - 1998
Frank A. Dolle                    UMB       1996 - 1997
Sandra Geest
Dale Singer
Gilbert Rosenthal
Percy W. Thomas
Stanford W. Berman
Sandra Geest
David A. Miller
William R. Snyder
James A. Calderwood
David F. Mister
Dessie M. Moxley
Clayton S. McCarl
Eleanor H. Fields
Paul S. Weller