01aca11833b2654531bcae16c1336deaIt is an inherent attribute to become connected and stay connected to others.  We look to our friends, family and colleagues to support and encourage us through all phases of life. AA-I believes that through alumni associations people find a forum to make new friends and business relationships.  That is why it is a part of their mission to foster the growth of the USM campus alumni associations.  Through grants awarded each year, AA-I helps increase the role alumni associations play in the lives of students and graduates.  Grants are awarded to the appropriate office that oversees alumni programs on each respective campus yearly without the call for proposals. It is left to the discretion of each campus entity to determine how the funds will be distributed or the programs it should be applied based on the Criteria and Guidelines set forth by AA-I. A report will be required by June 30 of each year for the previous year’s award. The report should states how the funds were used and outcomes of the program or event. In accordance with the Criteria and Guidelines, any alumni association with outstanding grant reports are ineligible to receive the current year award.


Eligible Participants:

Applicants must be a 501(c) (3) alumni organization of a degree granting institution within the University System of Maryland (USM), committed to organizing or supporting alumni organizations to include national and regional alumni associations and affiliates (chapters, societies, clubs, etc.).


Purpose/Benefits of Grant:

To fund programs which benefit, support and strengthen alumni organizations within the University System of Maryland. Each grant needs to meet one or more of the following items.

  • Ability to strengthen the alumni base, increasing participation and fostering communication among alumni
  • Originality – is this something new and original for this institution
  • Growth – what is the impact to the alumni base? What is the percentage of alumni that will be served? How will this help position the alumni association for the future?
  • Communications – how will the grant help provide information to the alumni?
  • Project Evaluation – provide information for projected expenditures (A budget template with formulas is provided for your convenience)
  • Explain how success will be measured.

Note – Unallowable Expenditures:

  • Honorariums, travel expenses, alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages and food will not be funded.



Written reports are due June 30 of the following year after award is given. Grant report procedures are sent to the receiving alumni organization with the notice of the grant award. Failure to comply with the grant report procedures will result in the alumni organization being ineligible for future grant award cycles until the appropriate grant report is received by AA-I.